FD&D supports faculty publishing endeavors through hosting events on the publishing process.

FD&D-Sponsored Events

Writing to be Read, Speaking to be Heard: Advice from the Gatekeepers

Get tips from insiders on pitching book proposals or op-eds intended for academics, science geeks, policy wonks, or general readers trying to make sense of today’s chaotic realities.

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Event handouts:

Trade Books, Monographs, Textbooks

Editors lead a panel discussion on publishing and thriving in a changing world.

PDF transcript available here.

Soundcloud podcast available here. 

How to Write an Op-Ed

News editors and faculty colleagues offer advice for getting published in the news media.

PDF transcript available here.

Stylish Academic Writing

Evidence-based strategies to transform academic writing into more confident, stylish, daring prose.

PDF transcript available here.

Soundcloud podcast available here.

Getting Your Voice into Popular Media

Leading news editors and faculty run a panel discussion on reaching out to popular periodicals, newspapers, and radio.

PDF transcript available here

Writing for Readers Beyond Academe

Advice for faculty aspiring to reach the general educated reader and engage with trade publishers and agents. 

PDF transcript available here.

Publish Your Book

Discussion with publishing executives and faculty on contracts, literary agents, and promotion for scholarly books.

PDF transcript available here.

From Dissertation to Book

Practical advice from scholars and publishing executives on transforming your dissertation into your first book.

PDF transcript available here.