Climate Survey

In collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research (OIR), FD&D has recently launched Harvard's third faculty climate survey. Information from the past two surveys has led to measurable improvements in mentoring, child care, and parental leave for Harvard faculty.

We are aiming to come as close as possible to a 100% response rate, so that we have the most detailed and reliable basis for understanding what is, and isn't, working well for faculty today. We encourage all faculty to complete their survey; questions and comments should be directed to

Faculty Climate Survey Report

Download the results of the 2013 Faculty Climate Survey

  • To provide insights into the working environment at Harvard
  • To identify major stresses for faculty, as a first step to develop policies and practices to address them
  • To compare conditions with peer institutions
  • To monitor progress made since the 2007 Faculty Climate Survey
  • To drive changes in policy and practices, as the 2007 FCS did
  • To fulfill the recommendations of the 2005-06 Task Forces on Women
  • Most faculty are satisfied with being a faculty member at Harvard
  • Over 3/4 of faculty report a generally positive atmosphere in their department, though there are differences by gender and race/ethnicity
  • Mentoring, both formal and informal, has increased substantially since 2007
  • Work-life balance is stressful for many faculty; women reported greater levels of stress than male counterparts across all work-life dimensions

More detailed findings are reported in the slides below.

  • Sections of the survey included:
    • Satisfaction
    • Atmosphere
    • Tenure
    • Mentoring
    • Work-Life balance
  • Survey administration included:
    • Collaborative development of questions between FD&D, the Office for Institutional Research, leadership from each School, and a broad range of faculty across Harvard
    • Fielding from fall 2012 to spring 2013
    • Participation by 72% of faculty

2013 Faculty Climate Survey Results

Previous Climate and Satisfaction Surveys

2006-07 Faculty Climate Survey

During the 2006-07 academic year, Faculty Development and Diversity collaborated with the Office for Institutional Research to learn more about areas of strength and concern in faculty experience. Results were released in March of 2008.

2005 COACHE Climate Survey for Tenure Track Faculty

COACHE, the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education, develops and analyzes results of diagnostic surveys on faculty satisfaction and climate that are used by many institutions across the country. In 2005, FD&D collaborated with COACHE to launch the Climate Survey for Tenure Track Faculty, designed by Cathy Trower and Richard Chait at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Learn more about COACHE's surveys, reports, and publications.