Family & Medical Leave

Beginning in January 2021, Harvard University will offer all eligible employees, including faculty and academic appointees, new paid family and medical leave. Harvard’s new paid family and medical leave benefits, which are modeled on the Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Law, are designed to enhance the many family-friendly and medical leave benefits that Harvard offers its employees.
A detailed overview of the new benefits and important information for faculty and academic appointees about how to apply for these leaves may be found in this policy summary:

Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave (MAPFML) Benefits for Academic Appointees (PDF)

There are three benefits plans for faculty and academic appointees. Please contact your School’s Faculty Affairs Administrator to determine which specific plan corresponds to your position.  You may also be eligible for additional benefits offered by your School regarding teaching or workload reduction and/or other appointment adjustments that are related to (but separate from) these paid leave benefits. Your School’s Faculty Affairs Administrator will also be able to help you navigate such other relevant policies and benefits.