First Tenured Women

First Tenured Women at Harvard - VIEW TIMELINE. In commemoration of Harvard’s 375th birthday, the Office of Faculty Development & Diversity collaborated closely with colleagues across the University to identify—for what is believed to be the first time—the first five women in each School to receive tenure. Schools are ordered by the tenure date of their first woman Professor. The timeline also presents a full accounting of all the tenured women, to date, holding major leadership roles as University Professor, Dean, or President.

Harvard Stories; Veritas Verbatim
The Harvard Stories project offers all members of the Harvard community the opportunity to record, share, and preserve personal stories relating to their experience with the University.

Archives for Women in Medicine
View digitized letters, photographs, research records, and other materials from the
Archives for Women in Medicine

Women in Medicine Oral Histories
The Women in Medicine Oral Histories are an initiative of the Joint Committee on the Status of Women to document the experiences of women professors in the Harvard medical community, in their own words, and to capture data about the history and development of this community.

Report of the Task Force on Women Faculty

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