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FD&D hosts an array of faculty development events, from publishing to mentoring to spotlighting faculty diversity.

Talking About Teaching

Talking About Teaching series playlist

Explore pedagogical connections across disciplines and Schools

Talking About Teaching Photo Gallery

One Harvard

OneHARVARD playlist

Designed to promote a diverse and inclusive graduate community

FD&D sponsored OneHARVARD from 2011-2014. Schools now organize diversity events specific to each School.

OneHARVARD Photo Gallery

Publishing and Social Media

Write To Be Read speakers

Writing to be Read, Speaking to be Heard

Tips from insiders on writing for academics, general readers, policy wonks, or science geeks (Transcript)

How to Write an Op-Ed

How to Write an Op-Ed

News editors and faculty colleagues offer advice (Transcript)

Trade Books, Monographs, Textbooks

Trade Books, Monographs, Textbooks 

How to publish and thrive in a changing world (Transcript)

Getting Your Voice into Popular Media

Getting Your Voice Into Popular Media

Leading news editors and faculty offer a lively panel discussion (Transcript)
Stylish Academic Writing

Stylish Academic Writing

Strategies to write more confidently, stylishly, and daringly (Transcript)

Publish Your Book

Publish Your Book

Contracts, literary agents, and promotion for scholarly books (Transcript)

Managing Your Online Reputation

Managing Your Online Reputation

Academics can maximize online exposure for their scholarly work (Transcript)
Writing Books for Readers Beyond Academe

Writing for Readers Beyond Academe

How faculty members can engage trade publishers and agents (Transcript)

Academic Uses of Social Media

Academic Uses of Social Media

Adopting new communication and networking tools (Transcript)

From Dissertation to Book

From Dissertation to Book

Practical advice from scholars and publishing executives (Transcript)

Faculty Recruitment

Helpful Guidance for Search - 2016

Helpful Guidance for an Effective Search Process - 2016

How to approach the search, collaborate with colleagues, and facilitate deliberation through the recruitment process  (Transcript)

Art & Science of Selecting Faculty

The Art and Science of Selecting Outstanding Faculty

How decision-making factors can influence the selection process for faculty at institutions like Harvard (Transcript)

Helpful Guidance - 2015

Helpful Guidance for an Effective Search Process - 2015

Common obstacles, concerns, and strategies for open and effective decision-making in the faculty search process  (Transcript)

Dual-Career Resources

Harvard & MIT Recruiters

Finding an Administrative Job at Harvard or MIT: Harvard & MIT Recruiters

Harvard and MIT recruiters provide helpful tips and strategies for a successful job search (Transcript)

Finding an Administrative Job at Harvard

Finding an Administrative Job at Harvard 2014

HR recruiters provide tips and strategies for a successful job search (Transcript)

Additional Videos and Events

Advancing Scholars

Advancing Scholars

Transforming the American academy through faculty diversity

Houghton Library

Behind the Scenes at Houghton Library

Faculty tour the treasures and history of the Rare Books Collection (photo gallery only).

Mentoring in the Academy

Mentoring in the Academy

Establishing and sustaining networks among faculty  (Transcript) (Photo Gallery)
Child Care Summit

Child Care Summit: Future Directions

Faculty child care needs, with a focus on the Harvard Longwood Campus
The Art of Science and Cooking

The Art of Science and Cooking
A Special Talk for Harvard Faculty by Ferran Adria, Chef of elBulli in Spain