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Learn more about opportunities and problems posed by the increase in social media and new technology.

FD&D-Sponsored Events

Living Your Professional Life Online

Living Your Professional Life Online

A wide-ranging, town-hall conversation about how the expansion of the online world changes academic professional life.

Panelists discussed expanding readership and finding new research possibilities, building an online persona, misattributed / misunderstood / stolen work, and "practical pointers and cool tools" to find audiences and collaborators, not pirates and trolls. 

To encourage frank interaction, this event was not videotaped but event notes are available.

Managing Your Online Reputation

Harvard faculty discussed ways for academics to maximize their online exposure for themselves and their scholarly work. 

Audio of the session is available at Soundcloud.

PDF transcript is available here.

Academic Uses of Social Media

A discussion about adopting and implementing new communication and networking tools, followed by a keynote from social media thought leader danah boyd.

Co-sponsored by the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and the Harvard Office of News and Public Affairs.

Panel Discussion

Perry Hewitt - Social Media Resources at Harvard

danah boyd - Embracing a Culture of Connectivity

PDF transcript is available here.

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