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Living Your Professional Life Online 2015

How does the explosive expansion of the noisy, demanding, unpredictable online world change an academic life?  How can you use your personal website, Facebook and Twitter to expand your readership and find new research possibilities and collaborators?  What kind of online persona  can you have, and what kind should you avoid?  What do you do when your work is wildly misunderstood, or just stolen?     

Jonathan Zittrain (George Bemis Professor of Law), Archon Fung (Ford Foundation Professor of Democracy and Citizenship), and Perry Hewitt (Harvard's Chief Digital Officer) participated in a wide-ranging, town-hall conversation about the new opportunities and new problems of intellectual property and academic life, with “practical pointers and cool tools” to help find your collaborators and your audiences, and defeat the trolls and pirates.

To encourage frank interaction, this event was not videotaped but event notes are available.

Managing Your Online Reputation 2012

Reputation management is a major component of online life, as anyone who has ever searched for oneself or a colleague can attest. Traffic from search engines and social media are key drivers of the need for identity and online profile management. This session showcased the experiences of current Harvard faculty who addressed ways in which academics can maximize online exposure for themselves and their scholarly work. 

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Moderated by Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer, Harvard University
Alyssa Goodman, Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University
Gary King, Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor, Harvard University
Misiek Piskorski, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University

Academic Uses of Social Media 2012

Social media — from blogs to wikis to tweets — have become academic media, new means by which scholars communicate, collaborate, and teach. Join us for lunch to hear from a distinguished faculty panel, moderated by John Palfrey, about how they are adopting and adapting to new communication and networking tools, following a keynote by social media thought leader danah boyd.

Co-sponsored by the Berkman Center and the Harvard Office of News and Public Affairs

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Perry Hewitt

danah boyd


John Palfrey, Henry N. Ess III Professor of Law; Vice Dean for Library and Information Resources at Harvard Law School; Faculty co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society
danah boyd, Social Media Researcher at Microsoft Research New England and affiliate of the Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Perry Hewitt, Director, Digital Communications and Communications Services at Harvard University
Michael Sandel, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government at Harvard University
Nancy Koehn, James E. Robison Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
N. Gregory Mankiw, Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Harry R. Lewis, Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University