Stephen Chaudoin

Stephen Chaudoin

Assistant Professor of Government
Department of Government, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Stephen Chaudoin photo

Stephen Chaudoin received his BA and MA in International Studies and Economics from Emory University in 2006. He received his PhD in Politics from Princeton University in 2012.  He has previously been on the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

His research examines how international institutions can compel sovereign nations to change their policies despite the institution having no direct enforcement powers. His research has examined how domestic political dynamics affect decisions like the filing of trade dispute at the World Trade Organization (WTO) or electoral shifts following indictments by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Kenya. These effects of international institutions have direct and indirect consequences for the welfare of millions around the world.

Recently, his research has focused on how citizens react to a hypothetical ICC action using surveys conducted in Kyrgyzstan. He is currently researching how news media and social media coverage of the war on drugs in the Philippines changes over time as international actors become increasingly involved. He has also used text analytic tools and automated event extraction techniques to provide a more complete map of the events surrounding the Philippine war on drugs. He is also interested in formal and quantitative methodology, with a focus on how sensitivity testing can enhance inferences drawn from observational data.

His work has appeared in the Journal of Politics, International Organization, British Journal of Political Science, International Studies Quarterly, and other outlets.

He is originally from Atlanta, GA and now lives in Waltham, MA.