Provostial Fund for the Arts and Humanities, 2018-19

September 6, 2018
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Proposals for the spring semester 2019 (and beyond) are due September 28, 2018.

Proposals for the fall semester 2019 (and beyond) are due February 22, 2019.

Proposals must include the application form found at the end of this page.

We are pleased to announce that the Provost’s Office will continue to make Provostial Funds available for initiatives in the Arts and Humanities. In 2018-19, approximately $150,000 is available for distribution. The updated application guidelines are below.

This fund is intended to support creative, innovative initiatives in the arts and humanities, for projects led by members of the faculty within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and/or other schools. Proposals might include performances, master classes, conferences, workshops, seminars and visits by outsiders. They may involve collaborations across departments and divisions of the FAS and the University as well as with colleagues beyond the University.

Although a direct tie-in with the curriculum is not an absolute requirement, proposals that have a clear connection to existing courses, new courses, or pedagogical activities more broadly construed will be favored.

The committee for the Provostial Fund for the Arts and Humanities consists of faculty from various departments in the Arts and Humanities, and is chaired by Professor Stephanie Sandler of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures.

Applications for the following spring semester (and beyond) are due Friday, September 28, 2018. Applications for the following fall semester (and beyond) are due Friday, February 22, 2019.

The Committee will meet within one month of the deadline and awards will be announced as soon as possible thereafter. The maximum amount to be awarded is $7,500 per proposal, but the Committee strongly encourages proposals that are more modest in nature. Normally, proposals received after the deadline cannot be considered.

The Committee will favor proposals that:

  • foster a sense of intellectual community among faculty colleagues and students;
  • have a curricular connection; indicate undergraduate and/or graduate student participation in the intellectual content of an event;
  • lead to or support existing sustained activities rather than one-time events whose trace on campus life is soon erased;
  • promote innovation and interdisciplinarity;
  • propose the prudent use of funds. Honoraria, while necessary in some circumstances, should be kept as modest as possible.

Please note that proposals must be for activities that have not taken place yet and may not be for retroactive support.

Proposals must include:

  • A completed cover sheet, which includes a one-sentence abstract 
  • A 1-3 page account of the event with the following information
    • Colleagues involved: if the proposal involves collaboration, please identify the lead faculty member responsible for all communication with the Committee
    • Goals of the project
    • Anticipated beginning and end date of the project
  • Courses with a direct or indirect connection to the project 
  • A detailed budget for the entire project, indicating how the Provostial funds will be allocated. If travel is requested, please specify destinations and all related costs.
    • N.B. The Committee's expectation is that, where other standard sources of funding are available, applicants should also apply to these sources; budgets should list such sources and the amounts requested. It is expected as well that departments will contribute, to the extent that their budget allows, to the activities proposed by their faculty members. Budgets should include specifics, and lack of budgetary detail will harm an application's chances.
  • The department chair's signature. If proposals come from faculty in more than one department or division, all chairs' signatures should be supplied.

If granted, recipients will be required to:

  • Submit a report on their activities, including the expenditure of all funds, within 3 months of the project’s termination. Applicants who have received prior awards will need to have submitted a report on their previous award before a new proposal is forwarded to the Committee for review.
  • Return any unused funds to the Committee. If the funds awarded are for an event to be held in the upcoming academic year, unused funds need only be returned after the event is complete and all expenses covered by the award have been paid.
    • If there is a question about timing for the detailed report or return of funds, please have your financial administrator contact our office.

Proposals should be submitted as an electronic attachment, including the cover sheet, to Attn: Maysoon Hamdiyyah; Subject: Provostial Fund Proposal.

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